One-to-one & family Well-being, Resilience and Exam Performance coaching with Andrew Foster - Head of Education (£299 per session) by Tougher Minds - award-winning consultancy

One-to-one & family Well-being, Resilience and Exam Performance coaching with Andrew Foster - Head of Education (£299 per session)

Hi, I'm Andrew Foster - Head of Education for Tougher Minds and Me Power Academy.

In our challenging modern world, families are even more determined to achieve each of the following:

- Better school and exam performance
- Better sleep, diet and exercise
- Greater well-being 
- Enhanced resilience 
- Reduced stress
- Improved confidence
- Less arguments
- Healthier balance of screentime
- Happier children and parents

but it is becoming more and more difficult to do so

The families that are thriving in the modern world are getting better at achieving these outcomes.

You can too by using our cutting-edge and proprietary insights.

I coach parents, teenagers and children how to achieve these outcomes individually and collectively so that all can fulfil their potential and so that your family can be healthier, happier and higher-performing in whatever they choose. 

I coach parents, teenagers and children to understand the science of individual and collective success, and how to build sustainable habits that improve the following outcomes above.

You will learn how to use the latest insights from cutting-edge neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology to help your family make lasting and meaningful changes to your daily lives.

Contact me ( for a free consultation so that I can learn more about your goals and the barriers to achieving them.

NB: I only coach a small number of clients during any period of time, so I cannot guarantee my availability to work with you and your family

The Me Power coaching process

I will help you and/or your people to build new habits by guiding them  through our simple three step coaching cycle:

1. Learn (more) about how your brain works. Use our proprietary self-knowledge tools to analyse your current habits, and identify the unhelpful thinking and behaviours that are stopping you fulfilling your potential.

2. Use Tougher Minds insights to learn the knowledge and skills that will allow you to build your new resilience, performance and leadership habits.

3. Build new helpful habits, using our proprietary insights and tools. Including our S.W.A.P.® Cycle, T.R.A.I.T.® Habit model, 9 Action Factors system and Me Power Well-being Performance Planner.


"On opening his results, he said straight away 'There's no way I would have got these without working with Mr Foster."

Teacher with responsibility for GCSE Year Group

“Whenever I would talk to my son about homework, revision and exams, he'd say 'In a bit', and then go on his computer, or go out. But now he comes home from school and he wants to crack on with it. And I can't believe it's the same boy.”

- Parent of a 15 year old boy sitting GCSEs.

“I would have to recommend it to anyone. It helps you focus, it gives you the knowledge and how to apply that knowledge to get the results that you want.

- GCSE pupil

“My daughter joined Year 7 nervous of change, and quickly overwhelmed by the volume of homework.

But by taking part in this programme, she has a clear framework to follow. I think every child should have the chance to learn these techniques.

- Mother of an 11 year old girl

“l got a D Grade in my Chemistry mock, and an A* in my actual GCSE. What I learned about how to actually revise concentrate made the difference”

- GCSE pupil

“I started learning these techniques in Year 11, and now I'm in medical school. And I don't know if I would be here without them.”

- Medical student

Family case studies

Step One - Identify your Vital Habits

First you will learn how to help your children understand how their brains work. Then using our proprietary self-knowledge tools you will help them to analyse their current habits, and identify the unhelpful thinking and behaviours that are stopping them fulfilling their potential. The types of habits (vital habits) young people typically need to strengthen and improve to be at their best more often are connected to the following: improving diet, exercise and sleep for better brain performance; better stress management; spending less time thinking unhelpful thoughts; performing well under pressure; being productive; building and maintaining robust levels of confidence; better concentration, learning, revision and exam performance.

Step Two - Learn the knowledge & skills to build their Vital Habits

You will learn how to help your children acquire the knowledge and skills they need to build and strengthen their vital habits. You will use proprietary Me Power®  insights to teach your children simple and practical skills to build new resilience, well-being and performance habits.

Step Three - Create a habit programme to secure their new habits

You will learn how to help your children build new helpful habits, using our proprietary insights and tools. These include our S.W.A.P.® Cycle, T.R.A.I.T.® Habit model, 9 Action Factors (learn more below) system and Well-being and Performance Planner. This will make it easier for your pupils to fulfil their potential, and your school to succeed and thrive.

The ‘9 Action Factors Model’ for successful Behaviour Change

Why do people do what they do - adults and children?

How can we use insights from science to change our behaviour?

Providing effective answers to the above questions is not easy. Most efforts to create change are unsuccessful.

To help our clients achieve successful and sustainable change we have created our proprietary 9 Action Factors model.

There are more than 200 rules that underpin the model. They make it easier for your children to activate all 9 Action Factors and build sustainable new habits. This means we help you create the desired behaviour changes that make it easier for your family to achieve their goals.

Here is an overview of the 9 core areas: 

1) Mindset
2) Habit Factor
3) Brain State Optimisation
4) Personal Motivation 
5) Personal Knowledge and Skills
6) Community Knowledge and Skills
7) Social Influence
8) Rewards and Penalties
9) Environmental and Digital External Triggers

More about Tougher Minds & Andrew Foster

Tougher Minds - Awarding-winning solution for Well-being, Performance, Transformational Leadership and Successful Change Management.

Andrew Foster will teach you uniquely powerful simple and practical skills that empower you and your family to succeed in life and work. These are based on the best neuroscience, behavioural science, psychology and the award-winning Tougher Minds’ programmes, which help tens of thousands of people

Andrew Foster began teaching in 2003, and has worked in schools in both the state and independent sectors, in the UK and overseas.

As Head of History at Colfe’s School in London, he led the department to the best examination results achieved in any subject area in the school, in any year. Appointed first Head of GCSE, and then Academic Performance, he has been the lead teacher on the Tougher Minds at Colfe’s programme, winning the Independent Schools Award for Education Initiative of the Year.

He has participated in major education consultations at the invitation of the think-tank Demos and presented to the annual TeachFirst conference, as well as writing for TES.

Tougher Minds’ programmes are used by major businesses and organisations in the U.K., Europe and the U.S., they have helped tens of thousands of people.

Tougher Minds have advised the Government and think tanks, had their work featured in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, People Management and T.E.S, and published peer-reviewed papers.

Click on this link to see a range of case studies showing how our simple and practical award-winning training has made it easier for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations to fulfil their potential. 

Case studies