Award-winning Resilience training

Help your child to build better habits for Well-being, Improved Exam Performance & Life Success.
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Created by Dr. Jon Finn and colleagues.
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Award-winning 🏆 🏅 training & Coaching

MePower® Academy was created by Dr Jon Finn and colleagues. They work with leading education institutes, global businesses, and elite sport, and have used their cutting-edge and award-winning coaching and training programmes to help 10,000+ people build better habits

✅ They have advised the Government and think tanks, had their work featured in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, T.E.S., People Management and leading peer-review publications.

Quickly help your child fulfil their potential

How can we help you?

Free Resilience resources

Help yourself and your child to build new habits and thrive in our challenging world.

Skills for Parents to develop Resilient children - School Success programme

✅ Learn simple and practical parenting skills to help your child (of all ages) to improve their Exam Grades, Well-being & Fulfil their Potential at school & in life 😔→😁. 

Train to be a 'Me Power® Coach'

🎓 Become an expert at improving your child's Well-being and Performance with the Me Power® Coaching Certificate.

Family case studies

Here is a range of case studies showing how our award-winning training has made it easier for families to be healthy, happy and at their best

Testimonials - What I tell my friends, family and colleagues about Me Power®

"We are always telling children and young people to concentrate, to be more motivated and to be more confident. But when do they get taught how to actually do those things? That is what this programme does."


"This is an argument-reduction device. It does not just improve exam results, but relationships between parents and children."


"Compared to hiring tutors, whose know-how is limited to individual subject areas and who only have influence in the time they spend with your child, this is far better value for money, far more impactful. You are affecting 168 hours a week, instead of just one or two."


"The programme is engaging and insightful. It is really clever in the way it is designed to help everyone direct it towards where they feel they can most benefit."


"It demystifies the revision process."


"It provides a voice that teenagers are more likely to listen to. They can't argue with the science."


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