Make it easier for your children to thrive and succeed in a challenging world

Me Power School Success was created by Dr. Jon Finn and his team at the awarding-winning Tougher Minds consultancy. 

Take the A.P.E. Brain® Test

Do you want to understand how your A.P.E. Brain® is stopping you from being at your best? Do you want to learn how to manage your A.P.E. Brain® and boost your health, happiness and performance?

Start by taking two minutes to complete the A.P.E. Brain® Test:

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Take the A.P.E. Brain® Test

Learn why being your best can be difficult, and how to thrive and succeed.

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Learn how to have more great days. 

Bite-size Resilience Skills Book by Dr. Jon Finn

Use mental skills to improve performance in education and everyday life. This book provides an overview of key performance psychology concepts that will boost your resilience and help you become healthier, happier, and high-performing in life. The strength of the Me Power and Tougher Minds’ programmes is the way in which they make potentially complex ideas both practical and tangible.

Help your child to be healthy, happy and at their best

For families who believe in their children's potential. 

Our simple, practical and award-winning programmes make it easier for people to be their best in challenging world. They are proven to: 
1) improve exam grades; 2) enhance well-being; 3) improve Further and Higher Education entrance and course performance; 4) improve employability; 5) help people be their best in education and life.

Me Power is for every stage of education and life.