01. Plan how to help yourself and your child succeed and thrive

Learn how the School Success programme will help you and your child to be healthier, happier and at your best more often.
Can you stop your A.P.E. Brain® from preventing you winning your next medal?
The BAD news - Why it is difficult to be your best. To help you focus READ THE WORDS OUT LOUD!
Are you ready to beat your A.P.E. Brain®?
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Plan to how you will beat your A.P.E. Brain®
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The GOOD news - How you can be your best. To help you focus READ THE WORDS OUT LOUD!
Level 0 Overview - A.P.E. Brain H.A.C.®: Build better diet, exercise & sleep daily
Level 1 Overview - Mindset H.A.C.®: Improve confidence every day
Level 2 Overview - Build Better Habits: Improve your performance every week
Level 3 Overview - Motivation H.A.C.®: Create your F.A.M.® Story to boost your motivation & personal drive
Level 4 Overview - Focused Timeline™: Improve your organisation habits
Level 5 Overview - H.A.C. Stress & manage Confidence: Improve your confidence to successfully tackle challenges and setbacks
Level 6 Overview - Build and Maintain Confidence: Use confidence skills to enhance your happiness
Level 7 Overview - Productivity H.A.C.®: Create Will Power Stories™ to improve daily productivity
Level 8 Overview - Activation H.A.C.®: Build better focus and relaxation habits
Level 9 Overview - Learning H.A.C.®: Build better learning habits
Level 10 Overview - Revision H.A.C.®: Build revision habits for improved exam performance
Level 11 Overview - Exam H.A.C.®: Build better exam performance habits
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