Skills for Parents to develop Resilient children - School Success programme by Tougher Minds (Award-winning)

Skills for Parents to develop Resilient children - School Success programme

Being a child is more challenging than ever.
✅ Learn simple & practical skills - based on cutting-edge brain & habit science - to help your child (all ages) to improve their Exam Grades, Well-being & Fulfil their Potential at school & in life 😔→😁.
✅  Immediately begin helping them to improve areas like Sleep 😴, Happiness 🤗 & Performance 📈.
✅  Supercharge their Motivation 🎯, Reduce their Stress 🧘‍♀️, Boost their Resilience & Productivity, help them to Feel Great 😀, & be their best 😁. (🚀Special discount available for a limited time only

Award-winning 🏆 🏅 programme

MePower® Academy was created by Dr Jon Finn and colleagues. They work with leading education institutes, global businesses, and elite sport, and have used their cutting-edge and award-winning coaching and training programmes to help 10,000+ people build better habits

✅ They have advised the Government and think tanks, had their work featured in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, T.E.S., People Management and leading peer-review publications.

Quickly help your child fulfil their potential

Feedback from Parents and Children

What's included?

Me Power® Planner (Printable & PDF) & online course for Resilience, Well-being & Performance

Help yourself, children and your family to succeed in only 10 minutes per day. Build better habits to reduce stress and be your best.

LEVEL 0 - A.P.E. Brain H.A.C.®: Build better diet, exercise & sleep daily

Learn about resilience & how to help your child build better diet, exercise and sleep habits to boost Will Power & be at their best.

LEVEL 1 - Mindset H.A.C.®: Improve confidence every day

Help your child to become better at anything. Build realistic & robust self-belief. Use the The Big Finish™ daily confidence building plan.

LEVEL 2 - How to Build Better Habits: Improve well-being & performance every week

Stop struggling to get your child to make positive changes by learning how habits work & how to help them build new helpful habits. 

LEVEL 3 – Motivation H.A.C.®: Boost motivation & personal drive

Help your child to improve their motivation and develop personal drive. Learn how to create Future, Ambitious and Meaningful stories. 

LEVEL 4 - Focused Timeline™: Improve organisation habits

Help your child to turn your big goals into reality by creating a Focused Timeline™. Learn from the Brontë Sisters & boxer Anthony Joshua.

LEVEL 5 - Reduce Stress and Improve confidence

Learn why things can be stressful and how to begin helping your child to build their confidence using the Confidence Profile.

LEVEL 6 - Build and Maintain Confidence: Use confidence skills to enhance happiness

Learn simple and practical skills to help your child maintain and build confidence. Learn from Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill.

LEVEL 7 - Productivity H.A.C.®: Create daily Will Power Stories™ to improve daily productivity

Learn how to empower your child to stop procrastinating and do more in less time inside and outside of school.

LEVEL 8 - Activation H.A.C.®: Build better focus and relaxation habits

Learn how concentration works and how to help your child achieve the correct focus and relaxation levels throughout the day.

LEVEL 9 - Learning H.A.C.®: Build better learning habits

Help your child learn how to learn. Access the Learning Strengths Plan™. Learn from Thomas Edison and Marie Curie. 

LEVEL 10 - Revision H.A.C.®: Build revision habits for improved exam performance

Help your child to revise in a way that boosts their exam performance. Access the Revision Confidence Builder™ and make revising easier.

LEVEL 11 - Exam H.A.C.®: Build better exam performance habits

Learn how to help your child handle pressure & perform to their potential in exams. Use the Exam H.A.C. Plan™ to help your child succeed.

Community Forum

Get support and accountability from our unique & powerful Community forum. Ask the Tougher Minds team questions, learn how to create Tiny Empowering Action Plans (2mins per day) & connect to & learn from other parents. You will get 12 months free access.

This course includes...

- Highly engaging content with easy-to-understand narration
- Over 60 on-demand videos, including animations to make learning easier
- Specially prepared Audio Masterclasses which you can listen to on your phone on the go, just like you listen to a podcast
- Over 12 hours of learning materials 
- 100s of hours of daily, weekly and monthly planning and reflection tools
- Quizzes to enhance learning 
- Resources to help your child succeed and thrive 

Sample content - Level 1 Mindset H.A.C.® Animation - Learn how you can become better at anything

You will learn:
- Why your child's abilities are not fixed.
- The importance of progressing from knowledge, to skill, to habit.
- How anyone can become better at anything.


How old does my child need to be to benefit this programme?

Children can benefit from the programme from around the age of seven. But this varies from child to child. Some children can benefit from a younger age, and some need to be older. Young people benefit from this programme all the way into adulthood.  Learn more about our adult programmes here

I notice you offer customers an affiliate fee. How does that work?

Me Power Academy does have an affiliate programme. It gives you, the user, a chance to earn commission for referring new customers to us. We will pay 20% of sales for anybody who you have referred (via your referral link) who purchases a product. Please remember you will need a PayPal account to receive your affiliate payments from us. The affiliate programme is very much about you spreading the word in the schools and communities you are part of. You can share your link via social media, email or text. Please note we ask that you don’t place links to our site in any paid for social media advertising campaigns. Full details of the affiliate programme can be found on the Affiliate Dashboard in user accounts. Many thanks in advance.

Should I do the programme myself, or should I do it with my child, or should my child do it alone?

Every child is of course different. Age is an important factor, but not the only one. Personal inclinations and experiences also play a part. 
We have found that what works best is parents use the programme themselves initially, to equip them to decide which of the following four options will best suit their family.
  • Option 1: The child and the parent work through the programme independently.
  • Option 2: The child and the parent work through the programme together.
  • Option 3: The parent works through the programme and selects sections to which they think their child will be particularly receptive to show them as well.
  • Option 4: The parent works through the programme, and uses the insight and resources to adapt their support of the child’s schoolwork and wider life.

Parents of younger children will be more likely to go for Options 3 and 4, and older children Options 1 and 2, but all are on the table for children of pretty much all ages. Pick whichever works for your family best, and if you think after a while another option would work better, use that.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact us using the Chatbox on the screen, or via our contact form here.

Award-winning Resilience training

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