Level 7 - Productivity H.A.C.®: Create Will Power Stories™ to improve daily productivity

The A.P.E. Brain® and H.U.E.® make us procrastinate on tasks that don’t give immediate rewards. Then, when we miss a deadline or do not produce our best work, they tell us that we are useless. Learn how to build better productivity habits from Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens. We will show you how  to use the Will Power Story™ tool so that you take more control of your life.

Level 7 content:
- Animation - Learn how to create a Will Power Story to boost your productivity
- Interactive Lesson 1 - Learn the productivity secrets of successful people
- Interactive Lesson 2 - Learn how to be more productive
- Audio Guide - Secure and enhance your understanding of the main ideas covered in Level 7

Watch the Level 7 Animation to find out more:

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