Level 5 - H.A.C. Stress & manage Confidence: Improve your confidence to successfully tackle challenges and setbacks

Unhelpful levels of stress can be demotivating, and can stop you fulfilling your potential. This level will show what causes stress, how your body and brain respond, and how confidence can be used to manage stress. Learn how even the most successful people criticise themselves – including film star Kate Winslet – and how to put challenges into perspective to manage stress and improve success with the Confidence Profile™.

Level 5 content:
- Animation - Learn about the different components of your confidence
- Interactive Lesson 1 - Learn why life can be stressful
- Interactive Lesson 2 - Learn how to begin improving your confidence by using the Confidence Profile
- Audio Guide - Secure and enhance your understanding of the main ideas covered in Level 5

Watch the Level 5 Animation to find out more:

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