Level 1 - Mindset H.A.C.®: Improve confidence every day

Your abilities are not fixed, and your potential is not limited. You can improve. This level will show how learning changes your brain. To help you build better learning habits this level will also teach you how to use The Big Finish™ so that you can end every day well, plan to improve daily and be your best.

Level 1 content: 
- Animation - Learn how you can become better at anything
- Interactive Lesson 1 - Learn how to move your learning from knowledge, to skill, to habit
- Interactive Lesson 2 - Understand why learning new things is not always A.P.E. Brain® friendly
- Audio Guide - Secure and enhance your understanding of the main ideas covered in Level 1
- Planning Tool - The Big Finish™: Learn how to build confidence and be your best every day

Watch the Level 1 Animation to find out more:

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