Level 10 - Revision H.A.C.®: Build revision habits for improved exam performance

Revising really well is difficult, because good learning and good revision are not always the same. To help you prepare for exams as well as you can, this level will show you how to revise in a way that maximises your exam performance. Learn from the double Olympian Jonny Brownlee and King George VI. Use our Revision Confidence Builder™ to improve your revision performance and your exam grades.

Level 10 content: 
- Animation - Learn how you can improve your revision
- Interactive Lesson 1 - Learn how to practice to perform in exams
- Interactive Lesson 2 - Learn how to use the Revision Confidence Builder™
- Audio Guide - Secure and enhance your understanding of the main ideas covered in Level 10

Watch the Level 10 Animation to find out more:

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